Why do I need a Business Address?

A corporate business address is very useful in today’s business marketplace.  This services enables business owners to have a corporate business address without the cost of physical office space.  The Flexi Desk Business Address Service is suitable for start up organisations, freelancers, tradespeople, digital nomads and company directors needing a virtual business address in Ireland.

Where can I Display my Flexi Desk Business Address?

The Flexi Desk Business Address can be displayed in several areas relevant to your business needs, including:

  • Your Business Website
  • Social Media Channels directly relating to Your Business
  • Your Google Business Profile Listing
  • Your Email Signature for Your Business

What are the Benefits of my Flexi Desk Business Address?

  • Personal Privacy
  • Eliminate Business Post arriving at Your Home
  • Keep Your Private Life Private!
  • Professional and Corporate Image for Your Customer
  • Ideal for use during office moves
  • Ideal whilst securing your business premises
  • Incoming Postage received daily is scanned and emailed to you same day
  • Complete Confidentiality

How Do I Get My Business Address Set Up?

  1. Select the date you wish to get started and complete the booking form.
  2. Payment is made online in full using our secure payment processing system.
  3. A detailed VAT invoice is emailed to you for accounts purposes.
  4. Email back a copy of your passport and proof of your address upon request.  This is for verification purposes and to ensure the correct use of the Flexi Desk Business Address service.
  5. Upon receipt of these documents, your business address is live!
  6. Incoming post will be forwarded to you directly.

* Please Note: If your business is registered in an EU country, outside of Ireland, send details of your business location and relating VAT number on our Contact Us Form and we will send you instructions so that your invoice will be corrected from a VAT perspective.  Please note that VAT applies in all instances for private individuals who wish to avail of our business address service.

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